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October 28, 2007

Heavy in the Streets Interview

This is an interview I did with Heavy in the Streets, which is just some guy. He wanted to interview every member of The State, and I think he's almost there. The only one I think he's missed so far is Marcus; wait - who the hell is Marcus?

Here it is, lovers.

I hope you enjoy.


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Yep, I read this fine gem of an interview a few weeks ago and posted to the fan site.
With each interview you give, you reveal a little more of your real self, and it always leaves the fans wanting more. More, more, MORE!

I love you. Is that weird?


Thanks, although Susanna beat you to it. She's got her finger on the pulse.

It's one of the best interviews, I feel, because the dude is a fan, and thus knows what questions to ask, and isn't just going through the motions like an overpaid hack would.

Keep 'em coming sweetcheeks.


Great interview!

I'm happy as a happy person that you learned how to do linkydinks instead of "confusing to blondes" cut and pastes.

And your Press section is as nice and full as a puppies belly. I'm *this close* to cancelling my crazy google alerts because you got this goin' awwwwwwwnnn, brutha.


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