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October 28, 2007

Flying is Awesome

The enclosed photograph:


is me waiting to reboard my airplane after we left the gate (half an hour late), waited on the tarmac for half an hour, and then returned to the gate because Engine 2 wasn't firing. I don't like when any of the engines don't fire, so I was happy to return to the gate so that maintenance could deal with this problem. Rather than wait for them to fix the problem, they decided to put us another airplane, which of course necessitated everybody getting off the first airplane, and then waiting to board the second airplane, which is what we're doing now. Normally, I play "Who's the Terrorist?" in this situation, but I already played it. The guy in the orange shirt won.


Not because he was suspicious, but because he was so not suspicious. Terrorists are very, very clever. I don't want to say what airline it was, but it's initials are JetBlue.


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I hope you got some food because those mofos don't feed you, even for money


You win "Best Picture Taken at an Airport While Waiting to Reboard a Flight Due to Engine Failure". Fantastic!

Okay, so the guy in the orange shirt is the terrorist. I get that. But can we talk for a minute about Mr. Muscle Von SuperGuns sitting on the chairs in front of him? Accomplice. No doubt.


Orange Shirt guy has a very sticky-out belly button. Either he's gestating a 9 month old foetus, or he's ingested enough plastic explosive to take out half the eastern seaboard.


So cute! These picture are killing me. "Look! I have a new digital camera! Here are my nostrils!" Keep them coming.

Orange T-shirt guy is the guy to watch alright. Pretty sure he ate the terrorist whole and plans on puking him up once inside the plane. So, stay sharp! And keep an eye out for gooey looking mutha's.


"who's the terrorist",eh? That sounds much more fun than "Who farted?".

I'm really enjoying these pics. Renee,you should be in the FBI division that studies terrorist,whatever that division is called.


LOL. It's awful playing that game. Awful fun.

i am lame.

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