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October 07, 2007


Just arrived in Denver, Colorado. Home of the Fightin' Denveronis. Before I continue, I should probably admit that I just made up the "Denveronis." That isn't a team. Tonight, Michael Showalter and I begin another leg of our never-ending tour. Neither of us has played Denver before, but I can tell already that it's going to be great. How do I know? Simple. Taco Bell at the airport. Any city with Taco Bell at the airport is okay by me. Did I have any Taco Bell? No, I didn't. I just like knowing it's there.

UPDATE: I did have Taco Bell later in the evening. (3 Taco Supremes - delicisioso)


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what a great day to be in Denver- on my birthday! I was thinking of going to CO just see you guys for a birthday present to myself, but couldn't make it.

Have fun knowing there's a Taco Bell near you! Yum yum.


Not to brag, but WE have a Taco Mayo, Taco Tiko and a guy that makes pretty good(chicken?)enchiladas on an old burnt-out garbage can in the park. Perhaps this will sway youse guys to swing through.


The mention of Taco Bell gives me flashbacks to a time in London I'd rather forget.

Good luck with the tour!



Someone's been watching too much Dora the Explorer...


Why not upgrade to chalupas? Much more fun to say than "taco". I can only imagine your hotel taco party.


I really enjoy eating non-meat foodstuffs at Taco Bell. It's not that I'm a vegetarian or anything, it's just that I question Taco Bell's classification of "meat" in recent years.


I just had a Chicken Chalupa Supreme, Spicy Chicken Burrito and a taco. Spooky-weird coincidence? Or, uh, just plain Monday?

Hope your tour is going great and looking forward to seeing you guys next week.


Please please please make it to Canada..... :)


I ate a bean burrito, light on the beans, heavy on the sauce and cheese, a sprinkling of fire sauce, and re-rolled it tightly. Topped it off with a large Diet Dr. Pepper (with no ice) from Road Ranger. They're only 79 cents. It's a baaahhhgen.

(Oh man. Someone give me a life).


You should try Taco Johns too if you've never had it!


This is actually untrue. Michael Showalter did come to Denver, last year. Stop lying on your blog, Michael Black. But Im glad you came to Denver.

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