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October 09, 2007

Another Intervew

Here's another interview I recently did, this one with LAist, a cool website from the Gawker Media empire. I like those sites. Most of the interview, as the guy said, was about discussing Carrot Top. There's something wonderful to me about Carrot Top. It's as if the weirdest looking guy in the world asked himself, "How can I make myself look even weirder?" And then went out and did it. The world needs more people like that - people who don't rest on their laurels. It would have been very easy for Carrot Top to simply be a bizarre looking multi-millionaire prop comic. But he didn't stop there - he reached for the stars and ended up being a freakishly muscular transsexual multi-millionaire prop comic. To do that, you need discipline, perseverance, and the imagination to dream big.

I don't really remember what we talked about for the rest of the interview, but if you're so inclined, you can find it here.

And if you want to see the picture of Carrot Top we were discussing where you can just about see his carrot patch, you can find it here.


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"Carrot patch"...heheheheeeeee.
Maybe he's working his way up(down?) to be a tranny stripper if people grow weary of prop comics. Wait, that's NEVER gonna happen!


If we're so inclined? Honey, y'all are preaching to the choir here, you know that, right?

Interesting interview, however; the sound quality made the interviewer sound like a perverted serial killer. You sounded like you though, thankfully.

As for Carrot Top? Oh dear God, my eyes! It burns!

Oh, and this article confirms Fatboy was number one for four weeks:


(LAist is part of the Gothamist network which is commonly mistaken for other things)

(you can delete this if you want)


Congratulations on "Run Fat Boy Run". You should be so proud.

Apart from the sound quality, I really liked this interview. It came off as more of a fun conversation than a rapid fire question/answer/question/answer kind of thing. Plus, thankfully, the interviewer actually let *you* talk, too.

Muscle-men fetish? Leave it to you to not be into the normal ones - feet, boobs, and school girl uniforms.


Was this interview recorded from space?


carrot patch...i stopped giggling once i saw the freakish delight that is this mutant carrot-y man. man. that seems like too sure a word here.


carrot patch...i stopped giggling once i saw the freakish delight that is this mutant carrot-y man. man. that seems like too sure a word here.

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