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October 08, 2007

Adam Carolla - Gay?

This morning, I was on Adam Carolla's radio show for about twenty minutes. Most of the conversation centered around the fact that he thinks I'm gay. I responded that the fact that he thinks I'm gay makes me wonder if there isn't a certain amount of projecting on his part. In other words, is his desire for me to be gay really a reflection of certain unfulfilled desires he himself posesses? Short answer: yes.


Anyway, now we're dating.

Click here to listen.


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Ethereal Zoe

Wait, are you saying that The Man Show wasn't all about Adam Carolla's homosexual journey in life? Because if it wasn't, I really misunderstood what was going on there.

Also, Danny Bonaduce seriously needs to stop smoking. He's like Maude with a goiter.


Adam and Danny are giant douchebags. There, I've said it.


I think 'Michael Alan Black' needs his own Myspace...

Maybe wear the buttless chaps for the next CD cover.


When I was able to hear you (those guys really like the sound of their own voices), I enjoyed what you had to say. You're a good sport.

And yogurt contains yeast? I thought it helped to keep yeast infections away?


Adam looks like a homely cartoon character,hence I can't take him seriously. You, on the other hand, I take as seriously as a heart attack.


Adam Carolla looks like a child molester.

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'member when David Cross shot down Adam Carolla on Adam Carolla's crappy short-lived TV show?

That was awesome.

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