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October 18, 2007

A Little Positive Press

If you'd like to read something nice about me, click here.

If you'd like to read something indifferent/bordering on hostile about me, click here.


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Valentina Tapia

Regarding the second link--that was not journalism. I'm surprised the reporter's editors published that, bizarre editorializing and all. His hurt feelings shouldn't have entered into the story.


The first interview is a fun, fast, snippitysnappity back and forth. It makes me want to dip oreos in milk, ooze the mess through my teeth, and giggle like a kid.

The second interview smells like Madonnas pee. It could have been conducted by an open wound. This guy needs a pot full of Prozac, a unicorn bong, and to RE-fucking-LAX.


First interview: Best quality Black. Furthermore, are you talking about the VH1 show "Best Week Ever"?? Because I am a dedicated fan of this show, and if you are somehow involved in said show, I would love for you to elaborate on this!!

Second interview: Garbage.


By "Best Week Ever", do they mean "I Love the 80s"? Because, unless I'm missing something, you are not involved in BWE.


First article: genius.

Second article: He's jealous.


Fuck USC


did you insult 2nd interviewer's family at the beginning of the interview?


The second interview actually made me laugh...at the interviewer. It is pretty obvious that the frustration the interviewer expressed stems from the fact that the he knows that Black's humor is "smart" but he just wasn't quite smart enough to get it. Poor guy, I feel bad for dumb people.


I don't think the interviewer disliked Mike, I think he actually liked him and wanted to get some insight into what makes him tick. The contrast between how the two interviewers handle Mike's wiliness when it comes to personal questions is interesting. While Mike was funnier in the 1st article, the second article was better written and smarter. Of course, I have no clue how the interview actually went.

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