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September 2007

September 10, 2007

Hi, everybody.

Welcome to my official website, where you can delve into all things Michael Ian Black. What kinds of things? How about photographs? I've got 'em. How about tour dates? You bet. Are there funny/weird/deeply disturbing stories? More than you can shake a stick at. Audio clips? Yes. Video clips? Sure. What about pancakes? Sorry, no pancakes.

I spent a great deal of time with my web team trying to figure out a way to upload fresh, steaming hot pancakes to this site, but it proved to be impossible. The pancakes weren't even the problem - it was the syrup. The syrup was really gunking up the server, and there's honestly no point in having fresh, steaming hot pancakes without syrup. I hope you're able to get over your disappointment about the pancakes, because if you can, I think you're going to discover a terrific site chock full of me.

So enjoy. Explore. Exfoliate (good for the skin). But most of all, I want you to think of my website as your website. Even though it's not. It's mine.

Your friend,
Michael Ian Black

September 08, 2007

New Tour Dates

Hey everybody,

I've just posted the first tour dates for the fall. More will be coming, and I'll announce them as they come in. Hopefully all of you can join me and Michael Showalter as we take the nation by storm. And by "storm," I mean "light drizzle," but it wouldn't be very exciting to say we were going to take the nation by light drizzle. Moreover, it wouldn't make any sense.